Monday, October 26, 2015

OBIEE - Installing OBIEE 12c on my Windows box

I wanted to install the new OBIEE 12.2.1 on my Windows 7 box. Since I want to test the process of migration of OBIEE 11 to 12, I installed it side by side with my existing installation.

If you want to see Linux installation description, you can see Andrew's post here. My installation seems to be smoother then his, despite the fact that Windows 7 doesn't seem to be supported according to the certification matrix (12.2.1 one).

The installation is of 4 steps:
  1. JDK installation (if needed)
  2. Weblogic Server installation
  3. BI Installation 
  4. Configuration

I downloaded JDK 8, Weblogic server and 2 BI files from here. After unzipping them I had the following:
I installed the JDK. It's better not to accept the default of installing in "Program Files\Java" folder because of the space in the name. I installed it in c:\Java.

Next I opened a Command Prompt as Administrator. Moved to the above folder (where the files are located) and run the Weblogic installation:
c:\Java\jdk1.8.0_65\bin\java.exe -jar fmw_12.
Accepted the defaults and pointed it to a new MWHOME I created (D:\MWHOME12, in my case).

Next I run the BI installation in the same folder:
And selected the same MWHOME for BI installation (D:\MWHOME12, in my case). 
Here are the next screens:

Now I can run the configuration part.
I used the same Command Prompt Window, and run config.cmd from MWHOME\bi\bin

I left the default, including Essbase (note the RTD installation is gone).

passed the prerequests:

Didn't change the location, but selected the domain user and password:

Allowed the wizard to created the RCU schema (note the options are: Oracle DB, Oracle RAC DB and MS SQL server). there is no standalone RCU anymore.

and updated the DB connection details (note, no need to add "as SYSDBA" for Oracle sys user)  :

To be on the safe side, you might prefer to run the RCU separately. The RCU utility is located, in my case at MWHOME\oracle_common\bin.
The new version of RCU allows us to create a script to be used later by DBA, as well.

After you finish the with the RCU, the screen is a bit different:


Next left the defaults:

The options here are new and interesting:

 Saved the response file (PLEASE do it at some point, it's not fun to look for the ports and URLs later).

Now the process is running.

While the configuration passed well, the BI Startup at the bottom stayed for few very long minutes on 0%. Then jumped to 100% and finished. Made me check the log few times, during the period.

Now is the last screen. If you didn't save the URLs before. Do it now:

The OBIEE didn't start on it's own.
It is working:

I don't know if this should be so or it's because I have a previous entry of "Oracle Business Intelligence" in the "All Programs" menu, but nothing was added there.

To stop and start the BI server I can run start.cmd and stop.cmd from MWHOME\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin\ (D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin\start.cmd in my case).

After the installation my default ports are 9502 for BI and 9504 for EM.
For Administration Tool installation, the port 9516 is used in the ODBC settings, in my case.

One first discovery I had after the installation. Since OBIEE 12 is pure HTML, we can copy/paste data from analysis, in all browsers I tested:

One more similar post: Leela Madhav preferred to set up RCU separately.
And another by  Srinivas Malyala: OBIEE12c installation on windows7 machine

To the best of my knowledge the RCU should be installed on UTF8 type DB. Deliver BI try to work around it in OBIEE 12 RCU Avoid Hardstop Pre Reqs for AL32UTF8 Database Char Set.

If you are installing RCU on Multi-Tenant Oracle DB, please read before installation:

If your installation was successful but OBIEE failed to start please read OBIEE 12c: Oracle Business Intelligence has stopped working by Guillaume Slee ( and his great advise of reducing the PATH to eliminate possible contradictions.

 After the installation, the natural step is to upgrade your existing OBIEE 11 to 12. It should be done from latest patches or and described in the post  Migrating from Oracle BI 11g to 12c by Shahed Munir.
And at here by @KeitaFK.
The Oracle migration guide is here.

Note the following from Oracle Support: OBIEE 12c Pre-Upgrade Alert: Before Upgrading To 12c, Ensure your 11g Catalog Is Upgraded To the Correct Version (Doc ID 2068965.1)


  1. Hey Boris,
    Do you have 11g or 12c db installed?

    1. My DB is 12c. According to the support matrix DB versions are:;

    2. Ok. I'll install on a server i have here and see how it all behaves with BI APPS rpd and catalog.
      should be interesting

  2. Hi! Tahnk you for your post, it's really useful. I just can't finish my installation though.. After running the config.cmd and setting all the info about my db, when the installation starts Creating schemas using RCU it just fails everytime, saying:
    " Execution of [cmd, /c, C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\bi\bin\..\..\oracle_common\bin\rcu.bat, -silent, -createRepository, -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers, true, -databaseType, ORACLE, -connectString, localhost:1521/orcldb.obi12, -dbUser, sys, -dbRole, sysdba, -selectDependentsForComponents, true, -schemaPrefix, rcu12, -component, WLS, -component, MDS, -component, OPSS, -component, STB, -component, BIPLATFORM] failed with exit value 1"
    I tried reinstalling odb12, with different databases but I can't fix it, do you have any idea of why could it be failing??
    Thank you in advance

    1. Try separating the RCU step from the general configuration as described in the above mentioned post by Leela Madhav.

    2. You are trying to connect to the CDB and not to the PDB.
      you need to provide the pluggable database connection string as the schema is installed on it.

    3. Same error. Any solution guys? Tried the PDB didn't work. Same error as well when creating the schemas from the RCU

    4. I'm just guessing, is your DB UTF8? Is it 12 multi tenant?

    5. I am facing exactly the same issue and tried with PDB "2015-11-08T02:08:36.365-06:00] [bi] [ERROR] [] [] [tid: 39] [ecid: 0000L3a8ubcFw0WVLyyGOA1MFk4V000004,0] Non-skipped failure during configuration action: Execution of [cmd, /c, D:\Installations\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\bi\bin\..\..\oracle_common\bin\rcu.bat, -silent, -createRepository, -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers, true, -databaseType, ORACLE, -connectString, localhost:1521/BI, -dbUser, SYS, -dbRole, sysdba, -selectDependentsForComponents, true, -schemaPrefix, RCU12, -component, WLS, -component, MDS, -component, OPSS, -component, STB, -component, BIPLATFORM] failed with exit value 1".. Any suggestions plz

    6. I just gave different password for the new schema to be created by RCU which was all numbers before to an alphanumeric and it fixed this issue

    7. Im also having the same problem and i have tried everything listed above but im still getting that error. Any other suggestions?

    8. Guys , Any solution on this issue?

  3. are you guys able to install OBIEE client?? I faced issues while installing client..

    1. Installed with no issues. make sure you have java X64 installed

  4. Hi,while installing setup_bi_platform- cleanup window popping up and then nothing happened

  5. I have the same ISSUE ... Unable to Install

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  7. Hello,

    Please let me know, DB 12c and OBIEE 12c (OTN) on platform win 2012 server 64 bit is certified?

    1. Yes, see the linked at the beginning of this post.

  8. I am stuck with the below error in the "Store port Range" step; Error "Config Action BI failed with cannot load EndPoint Manager:java.lang.RuntimeException:BI Product Home must be specified in sys properties: or variable BI_PRODUCT_HOME " Please advice.

    1. Add new system variable BI_PRODUCT_HOME and set its value Oracle_Home directory(ex : C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home)

    2. It should be C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\bi

    3. I am also facing the same issue while installing OBIEE 12c on windows 10 Home edition. OBIEE 12c deployment is stuck at RCU creation step with same error message as shown above. I tried Oracle databse 11gR2 and 12c both for RCU creation, tried all numbers and all alpha passwords for RCU schemas but same issue. Did anyone got any success in complete installation of obiee 12c on WINDOWS 10 Home?

    4. i am also facing same problem. did you able to install?? plss let me know

  9. I am facing the below error while executing the OBIEE 12c configuration assistant Step name "Add default service instance" Error: "[2015-11-08T10:58:54.199-06:00] [bi] [ERROR] [] [] [tid: 38] [ecid: 0000L3c06jxFw0WVLyyGOA1MFrki000004,0] Failed in migrateing policy store from stripe obi to file D:\Installations\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\BI12\bidata\service_instances\ssi\tmp\backupImportBar\authmodel\backup\jazn-data.xml
    [2015-11-08T10:58:54.199-06:00] [bi] [ERROR] [] [] [tid: 38] [ecid: 0000L3c06jxFw0WVLyyGOA1MFrki000004,0] Error during import service Failed in migrateing policy store from stripe obi to file D:\Installations\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\BI12\bidata\service_instances\ssi\tmp\backupImportBar\authmodel\backup\jazn-data.xml
    [2015-11-08T10:58:54.199-06:00] [bi] [ERROR] [BAR-00010] [] [tid: 38] [ecid: 0000L3c06jxFw0WVLyyGOA1MFrki000004,0] Failed in running all the handlers during backing up of service instance.
    [2015-11-08T10:58:54.199-06:00] [bi] [ERROR] [] [] [tid: 38] [ecid: 0000L3c06jxFw0WVLyyGOA1MFrki000004,0] problem encountered whilst creating SI with key: ssi[[
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed in running all the handlers during backing up of service instance."

    Its creating the directory ssi and then the directory is gone. Please suggest

    1. Hey any solution on the previous Post? I am stuck at the same step .. Add default Service instance

    2. I am stuck with the same issue too.

    3. Any leads from this . Im stuck with the same step

    4. Has anyone come up with a solution to this yet. Oracle has been no help whatsoever.

    5. Look at this thread:, try last solution.

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  11. For the original error, to fix what I did was to reinstall my Oracle 12c database without the PDB. After this it worked. Not sure if its the best practice but worked for me and I was able to install without issues

  12. I'm facing a strange issue. At the end of the configuration while the BI components were getting started, I received errors saying "nqsserver.exe stopped working". Installation was completed successfully though. But the Presentation server is not coming up. All the other services are showing alive. When I try to start the PS manually, I receive the same errors "nqserver.exe stopped working" and the BI Server also goes down automatically. Any thoughts on this please?

    1. If you've got EPM installed on the same server you might be getting the same issue as I had:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The problem is not EPM specific. I had a case when OBIEE installation caused the problem. Just cleaning the path and minimizing it might solve the problem.

    4. Thanks for the help Guillaume and Boris, your solution worked for me.

    5. Hey Guillaume, I would like to create a post in my blog about this issue if you are Ok with that? Please let me know. Thanks.

    6. Siva, I am facing the similar issue can you please guide me when you did to solve this problem ?

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  13. Hello,

    I've this issue in the end of the installation.

    firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
    Nombre de la aplicación: sawserver.exe
    Versión de la aplicación:
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5616f0d2
    Nombre del módulo con errores: nqutilitygeneric64.dll
    Versión del módulo con errores:
    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 561bbb0c
    Código de excepción: c0000005
    Desplazamiento de excepción: 000000000008fbe7
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
    Id. de configuración regional: 3082
    Información adicional 1: 09eb
    Información adicional 2: 09ebc4aec07f984362012e2d6dd49e58
    Información adicional 3: 03f2
    Información adicional 4: 03f2a6671544484638066c3f7daeff7b

    Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

    Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:

    A windows pop-up comes up with opcions "solution online (or something like that) or close process (something like that too).

    Somebody knows something about that?

  14. Configure BI Failed with Execution of [cmd, /c, D:\Oracle_Data_Integrator\Middleware\bi\bin\..\..\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd, D:\Oracle_Data_Integrator\Middleware\bi\bin\..\..\bi\modules\\, D:\Oracle_Data_Integrator\Middleware\bi\bin\..\..\user_projects\domains\bixe, root, true, 9500, 9501, 9506, 1000-PC] failed with exit value 1

    I got this error during configuration, Can any one help me to resolve this problem

    1. This is probably caused by spaces in the environment variables JAVA_HOME and Path. Java should be installed in the directory without spaces.

    2. I am also getting the same error. There are spaces env variables.

  15. I've attempted to install OBIEE 12c on my Windows 7 box several times now and no matter what I do I get the same error as many people above (most recently Akhil Agarwal on Jan. 31, 2016). I've given up.

  16. I've attempted to install OBIEE 12c on my Windows 7 box several times now and no matter what I do I get the same error as many people above (most recently Akhil Agarwal on Jan. 31, 2016). I've given up.

    1. Kurt Wolff? I'm honored. seriously.
      As you know, there are many factors that could cause such a problem and it's extremely hard to try and analyze without logs (and often with them).
      The first thing that comes to mind is the RCU database. that is why I advised to do this step separately, as the Wizard suggests.
      When having problems at the RCU stage they could be several reasons:
      If it's Oracle DB it should be at least If it's 12 and multi-tenant DB, read note 2075762.1. UTF8 Character set might be a good idea.
      If you still prefer Microsoft SQL Server it should be 2012. With multilingual option (as in OBIEE 11).
      In case it's not RCU related, other problems might be because of system variables of your Windows 7 (assuming your Windows is 64 bit Windows 7 Professional SP1, if not, forget about the installation).
      There are often tons of "garbage" in Windows Environment that might interfere with the installation in the path, Oracle_Home and Java_Home definitions in the Environment. For example I always had problems with OBIEE server combined with Apple QuickTime.
      A workaround for this sort of problem is the tip mentioned above (in the post itself) by Guillaume Slee, of cleaning the Path (and maybe other variables) but not for starting, but rather running the configuration itself in a Command Window (as Administrator?).
      Since Windows 7 if formally not supported, opening SR is a gamble.
      If all else fails, there is always:


  17. How to restart the failed configuration? I got the error at " Store port Range" while configuring and I am applying the fix suggested to create a environment variable. But do we have to begin all over again? Choose a new domain name etc?

    1. In similar situation I selected "bi1" instead of the default "bi" and there were no problems later.

  18. Whatever you have uploaded for the RPD (metadata repository), it's not valid, and that's why the BI Server keeps crashing.

    You can't use data-model-cmd.cmd to upload a new repository... that only works if the BI Server is running. You'll need to reimport a BAR file, which will work while the BI Server is down. If you have not yet created a BAR file with your own content, reimport the SampleAppLite BAR File.

    Use WLST to import the file (ORACLE_HOME/bi/bifoundation/samples/sampleapplite/, do a and a, and it should show up.

    Sample WLST:


  19. I got the link
    and followed the last advice and it worked for me.
    Basically you have set environment variable as
    -Xms1548m -Xmx2048m

  20. Hi,
    I am stuck with bi startup, starting all servers, not completed,
    I am started this in manually then bi publisher not working, some times gets oracle business intelligence has stopped working,

    How to resolve these startup problem,
    Please replay me,

  21. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular
    article! It is the little changes that will make the largest
    changes. Many thanks for sharing!

  22. Hi There,

    I have just installed OVR and I am missing COMPONENT folder...
    Any clue...
    Aniket Pawar

  23. Invalid argument(s): Sachdeva\AppData\Local\Temp\oraparam-ini-19772.tmp
    I'm getting this error while running config.cmd file as administration i've set the JAVA_HOME path as C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_201 ... This is the stage where The Oracle Business Intelligence 12C Configuration Assistant opens up on the screen. Can anyone help me in this??