Monday, March 18, 2024

Oracle Analytic Server 2024 is Available

Oracle Analytic Server new release is available. The internal name is OAS 7.6 and the formal is OAS 2024. 

If you are OBIEE or OAS owner, allow me to recommend you one thing (accept the Sunscreen part); Consider upgrading to this version. I didn't recommend anything of the kind in previous releases. This release is expected to have a mature version data visualization, beyond the classic BI.

It is available on as OAS 7.6 for Linux and Windows:


See the Oracle Blog here:

The documentation here:

And the What's new section is here.

Since the OAS release is usually mostly catching up of the OAC yearly changes, the OAC updates videos from last year might be a good resource as well:

In the Oracle blog there are links to few OAS specific YouTube playlists:

Data Visualization

Connect, model and data preparation



Gianni Ceresa created a Docker image for this version as well:  

Hope to see updates here as well: 

It seems that Gianni's installation guides for 2023 release on Linux are still relevant for the new 2024 release, with the proper file update:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

As well as my old Installing Windows OAS 5.5 post.

Or you can read the Oracle installation and Configuration Guide.


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