Monday, August 14, 2023

Hackathon Posts - Oracle APEX - Low Code App Platform

Few posts planned for use in expected Hackathons.

Oracle APEX (formerly known as Oracle Application Express) is a very popular Low Code App Platform by Oracle. It is used for developing and deploying cloud, mobile, and desktop applications. The platform offers a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) with a range of features including wizards, drag-and-drop layout, and property editors to simplify the process of building applications and pages.

APEX is a fully-supported no-cost feature of the Oracle Database and can be installed anywhere Oracle Database runs. APEX is also offered on Oracle's Cloud across various services including Autonomous Database Cloud Services and the stand-alone fully managed APEX Application Development service.


How to start?

If you have an existing Autonomous Database, you can access the Database Actions - View all database actions and select APEX.

If you don't, you can create an Autonomous database for APEX workload type.

How to learn?

There are lots of great tutorials in Oracle LiveLabs (the site itself is created with APEX):

For starter consider one of the following (first 2 available also on LiveLabs sandbox):


For Specific issues there are lots of blogs for the topics and also the following tutorials on LiveLabs: 

There several specific cases examples such as 


You can also check this Videos page here there many specific tips there.


This is the documentation page -


For local installations this is the installation guide.

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