Thursday, May 19, 2016

ilOUG Tech Days May 30 - May 31

ilOUG tech days will take place on 30-31 May.
ilOUG Tech Days קרבים והולכים ויתקיימו ב30-31 למאי.
This is the link to registration (at the bottom).
זהו הקישור להרשמה (בתחתית הדף).

וזו התוכנית (עם רמז קל):
This is the agenda (with the slightest hint):

I hope to hear Mark Rittman, Christian Berg, Hans Viehmann...
Pity I have to decide between Oren Nakdimon and Mark Rittman on the first day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oracle DVD - Data Visualization Desktop with Analysis as source

With Oracle Data Visualization Desktop we can have 3 types of sources:
File (XLSX Excel), Oracle Applications and Database.

While the Database has an interesting list of options (see the community link here for "how-to" examples):
I will talk about the "Oracle applications" data source that enables us to have OBI Analysis as data source.

When selecting this option we are hinted about the URL structure:

 I filled my OBI 12 server URL, user and Password. Gave the Connection a name:

Next I could select an Analysis (only Analysis, not dashboards...). Did you notice we can also use logic SQL?

Decide what columns are Attributes and Measures and the type of Aggregation for the measures (stayed with the defaults).
And create a Project with it's columns.

I wanted data from 2 Analysis, so I selected another one: 
Pressed Add Data source at the bottom:

Created New Data Source:

I could connect to other data sources, but I picked the "From Applications" and selected another Analysis. 
Since in both analysis I had "Per Name Year" column the system suggested them as a matching columns:

We always can change our mind later, by selecting "Source Diagram":

And Changing the definition:

Now I can create VA Project from both Analysis.

Please note that in the Canvas setting we can Refresh Data and Data Sources:

One more little test I did, was to connect to OBI as data source. It worked fine.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop 12c is available

The first release of Oracle Data Visualization Desktop 12c is available at

A nice post about it at Rittman Mead site here, by Matthew Walding.

And Oracle Blog (by Mike Hallett) here (with some pricing information).

A YouTube link is here.

Link to community here.

Docs are here

Few interesting possible data sources:

After the very trivial installation you might want to go to Start Menu and run "Install Advanced Analytics" (you need internet connection for that).