Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BDD - Oracle BDD 1.1 (Big Data Discovery 1.1) is available

The second release of Oracle Big Data Discovery (BDD), 1.1 is available.
You can find it's main page here: https://www.oracle.com/bigdata/big-data-discovery/index.html. That includes data sheet, executive briefing and video. You can read there about Capabilities.
The OTN page is here.
The documentation of BDD 1.1 is here.
The YouTube channel is here.
The Learning library is here.
The download is from edelivery (search for Big Data Discovery).

To get a list of the new features in BDD 1.1, I used the Cumulative Feature Overview Tool described in https://blogs.oracle.com/proactivesupportEPM/entry/cfo_web_interface_bi_bdd

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP): Oracle Big Data Discovery supports the two most widely-used Hadoop distributions; Hortonworks Data Platform and Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop.
  • Kerberos in Hadoop: Oracle Big Data Discovery runs on Hadoop clusters secured by Kerberos authentication, allowing secure analysis of big data across whole organizations. 
  • Spark on YARN: Oracle Big Data Discovery uses Spark on YARN, making data processing faster and more stable. 
  • Multiple versions of Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH): CDH support has been expanded to include multiple versions, so you can install on a wider range of systems and updated to incorporate improvements to the evolving Hadoop ecosystem. 
  • Options for initial data loading: A new self-service data load experience makes it even easier for business analysts to build innovative data combinations that bring together Hadoop and desktop data. 
  • Data set and project level security: Access to individual data sets and projects can be restricted for specific users and user groups, allowing Oracle Big Data Discovery to be rolled out to large groups of analysts securely. 
  • Update and reload data: Data sets can be updated from within Studio both manually and automatically, making it easy to keep projects and dashboards in synch with rapidly changing data. 
  • Big Data Discovery applications: A business-user friendly experience that supports a whole range of data operations for projects and applications: Projects let business users perform ad-hoc exploration and discovery using standard and advanced analytic techniques. Applications expose interactive analytic dashboards to a broad set of users and are set up to periodically receive new or refreshed data. 
  • You can publish and share transformation scripts, accelerating the process of data cleansing. 
  • Transform enhancements: Support for Geotagger, Whitelist, and Entity Extraction transformations on the Studio Transform page make it easier to derive structured data from messy Hadoop sources without writing code. A redesigned Transform Editor provides more help to business analysts who need to go beyond one-click transformations. Transform performance is improved, tightening the cycle of improving data quality in Transform and analyzing the results in Explore and Discover. 
  • Data visualizations are standardized and enhanced to allow easier visualization interpretation and interaction by business analysts and data scientists alike. A refreshed configuration experience makes the creation of data visualizations faster while also offering more control. 
  • A new Custom Visualization Component makes it easy for you to build and deploy interactive data visualizations using JavaScript and EQL. 
  • Enhanced upgrade experience allowing in-place upgrades to new Oracle Big Data Discovery releases. 
  • A new JDBC connector allows IT to securely set up connections to gold-standard enterprise databases. Business users can then add data sets originating in JDBC and use them along with data sets originating in Hadoop. 
  • The bdd-admin script includes a number of new capabilities that give administrators more options for managing Oracle Big Data Discovery. 
  • Language processing capabilities are expanded to support more than 80 languages. 
  • Log files contain new properties that give administrators more control over their behavior and the information they provide. 
  • The Enterprise Manager plug-in includes new metrics and operations that make it easier for administrators to monitor and manage Oracle Big Data Discovery clusters. 
The Oracle Big Data virtual machine 4.2.1 available here, now includes BDD 1.1