Thursday, August 31, 2017

OBIEE is available

The latest release of the on-premises version of OBIEE, is available for download here.
There seems to be a little problem with the JDK link, here is the link to download page.  
The documentation page is here.

From the above mentioned documentation this seems to be the new features of the release:

The short version

  • SSO between OBIEE (clasic home page) and VA / DV (new home page).
  • Publisher new features.

The longer version

New Security Features in Oracle BI EE 12c ( include:

This release uses OpenSSL version 1.0.2h.
Lightweight Single Sign-On (SSO)
Lightweight Single Sign-On (SSO)
Users can log in to Oracle Business Intelligence once and navigate between the Classic (Analytics) Home page, Visual Analyzer, and the new Home page.
Lightweight SSO is enabled by default in Oracle Business Intelligence for new installations only. If you patched Oracle BI EE to the latest release, lightweight SSO is not enabled by default.
If external SSO is configured, lightweight SSO defers to the external SSO configuration. Oracle BI EE uses the same mechanism to enable internal lightweight SSO and external SSO.
If you need to disable lightweight SSO, use the WSLT disable SSO command.

New Features and Changes for Oracle BI Publisher 12c (
Job Priority and Recovery
You can set the priority of each report to avoid delays of critical jobs and recover interrupted jobs to increase the success rate of running jobs.
Restricting Embedding of BI Publisher in iframes
You can prevent embedding of BI Publisher in iframes.

Defining Job Priority
You can assign critical, normal, or low priority for a report in the Report Properties page. BI Publisher processes the reports based on the report priority. 
In Release 12c (, you can view the priority of a job and identify the critical jobs in the Report Job History page.
Using New Functions and Commands in eText Templates
You can use the following new functions, commands, operator in an eText template:
XPATH function to generate the XSL template.
Variable handling functions. See the descriptions of AddToVar, AddToVar, ResetVar, and SetVar functions in Functions.
Numeric sorting commands. See DEFINE LEVEL Command and Command and Column Header Key Words.
Union operator. 
Generating CSV Output
You can choose to generate the report output only in CSV files.
Applying Heading Styles in RTF Templates
You can apply Heading 1 through Heading 6 styles in a Microsoft Word RTF template.
The corresponding HTML output use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags respectively. 
Defining Layout Tables
You can use layout tables to arrange text in rows and columns. Layout tables do not use table headers and table summary. 
Selecting the PDF/A-2B Version for PDF/A Output
You can select the PDF/A-1B or PDF/A-2B version of PDF/A standard when you configure the PDF/A output. 
Testing Templates with Template Viewer
You can use Template Viewer to test templates.
Specifying Multiple Templates for Splitting Data from Reports into Multiple Sheets
You can specify multiple templates to split the data from reports into multiple sheets. 



  1. That's it for new features? No upgrade on VA?

  2. I hope there's more new features to VA beyond what's mentioned here.

  3. how do I getthe patch to upgrade obiee

    1. Assuming you want to upgrade to, the installation files of it are your "patch".
      If you need a specific patch for, you need