Sunday, November 5, 2017

Problem loading java datasource OBIEE

You are trying to load Java Datasources... with OBIEE And get Error 404 page not found.

You see the same problem with http://YOURSERVER:9502/obiee/javads?status.

I had this problem on Windows server. probably exists on other platforms as well.


Logon to the weblogic console (in my case http://MYSERVER:9500/console)
Select Deployments

Find there obi.datasrc.server

Find the Target tab,
Press Lock & Edit
enable bi_cluster (leave the bi_internal_virtualhost1 for next step)

Save and
Activate Changes:

Press Lock & Edit again
disable the bi_internal_virtualhost1
Save and
Activate Changes again.

(I got an error trying to do both in one step).

Now it should work:

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