Thursday, December 11, 2014

Simple OMM4OBI use cases with OBIEE

After the Installation and Configuration of the OMM4OBI (Oracle Metadata Management for OBI) lets do some work with it.

First of all, this is a nice documentation utility for the RPD:

But it's much more.

I can simply browse the content or Search it:

I can click any object and drill to it content:

 One of the features that impressed me the most was the was the "Trace Data Impact",
I selected the Company column (Sample App lite -> Offices) and started with textual display:

I immediately got a list where the Company column participated:

I can see in each object where the company column is used. 

Now I can export it to excel, see in a graphical view (in a moment) or select one object to see in Metadata Browser, where I can see list of details about it.

In graphical mode it looks nice as well:
I'll do some drilling on the BI Repository and Order Details analysis:

Now I see Company column is also part of H2 Offices hierarchy, bu much more interesting, it's in the Criteria, the Filter and Layout table of the Order Details analysis. Lets check it's true in OBIEE:

There are many other options in the tool, including the important Search.
 After I pressed Search

I can limit the search:

It is a smart Search that understands the various components of OBIEE!
I'll just search for Order Details. Apparently i have quite a lot of objects with Order Details in the name, but that's because the search is done on all combination of the phrase.

I'll search for "Order Details" instead, I will have only 7 results:

I can click on "Order Details" Answers report and examine it's components, for example criteria:
Select the Trace Lineage option and parameters:
 And see the entire structure till the physical layer:
I can drill into the criteria, select a specific column and highlight its sources:

I would like to test one more thing; The ability to create a model based on Answers, that means a model per specific analysis.

I'll create a new model and Select Import from Answers:
 The XML file that needs to be provided is the copy / paste of the XML in advanced tab of the analysis. I'll do it with the same Order Detail analysis:

Now I can explore it 

and even create data flow overview:


This is only very basic use case with OBIEE. The real power of the tool comes when you combine database, ETL and UI tools in one all covering solution.

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  1. Hello Boris,
    Any Idea if the metadata information is stored in any backend table/Schema??