Thursday, October 14, 2021

Free Oracle Analytics and ML Training & Certification

 Did you know you can have free Oracle Training & Certification till the end of 2021? See here.

Some ideas I plan to check:

Become a Business Analytics Expert leaning path 

It includes:

Business Intelligence on Oracle Analytics Cloud | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

Prepare for Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2021 Specialist | Learn Oracle | Oracle University 

Certification: Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2021 Certified Specialist | Oracle University 


And Few more Analytics trainings:

Advanced Analytics With Machine Learning | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

 Modern Data Visualization with Augmented Analytics | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

Create Pixel Perfect Reports Using Analytics Cloud | Learn Oracle | Oracle University


Autonomous DB, Machine Learning and Data Science:

 Become an Autonomous Database Specialist | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

Become a Specialist on Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database

Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

 Oracle Machine Learning for Python on Oracle Cloud | Learn Oracle | Oracle University

OCI Data Science: Build, Train and Deploy Machine Learning Models | Learn Oracle | Oracle University


Data Analysis and Machine Learning   - looks like on-prem. oriented...

Why should you be limited by my ideas? pick one for yourself here or here or even better, try the new site.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

Dynamic top N and others selection in OAC / OAS Self Service (DV)

We needed to create a dynamic selection of Top N in Oracle Analytics Project/Workbook.

The basics is using the blog Oracle Underground BI & Dataviz, specifically How to Calculate Top N Versus Rest of Population in Oracle Analytics  post and combine it with the variable prompt plugin. This plugin available for download here, and described in this video.

If needed, first I download the Presentation Variable prompt plugin (here) an install it in Catalog/Extensions/Upload Extension (just drop the zip file)


Next, I created the following:

Top 4 of "Product Containers"  by "# of Orders" and the rest as Others:

case when ATTRIBUTE(# of Orders) by Product Container)<4 then Product Container else 'Others' end 

 (If you don't like my logic, you can change it to <=4 and not <4)


as described in the above mentioned post.

This calculation should pass the validation.

Next we change it to work with the prompt plugin (I named it topn):

case when ATTRIBUTE(# of Orders) by Product Container)<@{topn}{4} then Product Container else 'Others' end 

Now it wouldn't pass validation. Disregard it.


Please note that this order is important, first the change of calculation, next add the UI.

In the Variable prompt properties I'll add the name and values.

And we are done.

We can make it look  a little better:

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Embedding Links to Oracle Analytics Cloud (Classic UI) in Oracle E-Business Suite

Thanks to Alex Ofenberg and Gali Gil from TAU and my colleague Tovit Leiba that guided me.  

In Oracle documentation here, we can see how to do "Embedding Links to Oracle Business Intelligence in Oracle E-Business Suite" (9.3 in Oracle® Fusion Middleware Integrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition). How to do something similar with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)? It is very much the same, just be aware we are talking mostly about classic OAC UI (unlike the Self Sevice / DV UI).


To create a form function:

1. In EBS from the Application menu, select Function. The "Form Functions dialog" is displayed.

Each line in the function form is a link to specific analysis or Dashboard. The Function column is your internal Function name.

2. In the Properties tab of the menu, for the relevant function, select SSWA plsql function as Type

3. In  the "Web host" tab use the beginning of the OAC URL. For example ""

4. In the "Web HTML" tab use the rest of the URL, starting with analytics.

For example my Dashboard URL is (can create this URL by using Dashboard Menu/Crete Prompted link): 

 That is converted to this (%2F = / and %20 = space)

I use the first part of the URL as Web Host, skip the "/ui/" part and use the rest in Web HTML (HTML call).

In this case: analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=/shared/All/_portal/csr&Page=page%201&Action=Navigate


That is all, except the following: You will probably want to modify the URL so it doesn't bring the OAC menu etc...

2 options:

1. The recommended one is to use PortalPages instead of Dashboard, in our case: 



 2. The older one of adding syndicate=Siebel to the URL (this is a bit more violent method)


One more thing people often add in the URL is the control of action options, For example Options=rmf

So Finally the Web HTML should be:

For dashboard csr, located at  /shared/All/_portal/csr and page 1 in the dashboard:


You can read more about the URLs here:

and here: