Thursday, May 7, 2020

Oracle israel - Introduction OCI Data Science Service, Free Zoom Seminar

אנחנו שמחים להזמינכם ל meetup נוסף של ilOUG   ואורקל ישראל.

במסגרת פלטפורמת ה
Data Science בענן של אורקל
Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform קיים פתרון ה
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science. זהו פתרון חדש המבוסס חלקית על
במפגש הקרוב נעשה היכרות ראשונית עם הפלטפורמה החדשה של אורקל ל
Data Science, תוך דגש על השרות עצמו

הפתרון עצמו מבוסס פייתון ו
notebooks עם ניהול מודלים באמצעות קטלוג והרצה סופית בשרות serverless.  

אם אתם מתעניינים ב
ML עם פייתון ומעוניינים בAuto ML, Scalability & Collaboration. שואלים את עצמכם איך אפשר גם לארגן עבודה בצוותים על פרויקט  Data Science... כדאי לשמוע.


10:00-10:30 - פתרונות Data Science של אורקל - בוריס דהב
10:30-12:00 - 
Introduction to Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform - בוריס דהב

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Checking your OAC version

We needed to check our OAC version.

The easiest way is to use the OCI Analytics Console (same one where we created the service):

(current URL looks like

Click on the relevant service name and see the version number:

Thursday, February 6, 2020

OAS 5.5 AKA the next version of OBIEE is available

Oracle Analytic Server (OAS) 5.5, is replacing OBIEE for local installation. You might consider is as equivalent to OBI or 12.2.

Before installation make sure libgfortran is installed on your Linux (needed for advanced analytics, to prevent NSQError 46240.)

yum list installed | grep -i libgfortan 

If not, run:

yum install -y libgfortran

The Oracle download page is here

Since the Fusion Middleware link there is a bit complex to find I prefer the edelivery. 
You can download it from as well by searching "Oracle Analytics Server".

Add it to cart and Checkout.

Continue... and you can download.

f you have seen previous blogs (such as the one by Gianni Ceresa), please notice this is updated version of the download, including the correct version of weblogic. I'm not sure what is the role of the last (Oracle VM Virtual Appliance) component I don't think we need it.
The patch 30657796 is for in place upgrade cases.

 Please check the certification matrix before installation here.

The system is currently Linux

The RCU DB is currently only Oracle:

The Admin tool  is at the bottom of the download page is here.

Read the documentation first here.

and notice the changes in server here.

Step by Step installation guide by Rittmanmead is here.