Thursday, March 14, 2019

Simple integration of Data Visualization in OBI Dashboard

In OBIEE and OAC (Oracle Analytic Cloud) we can easily integrate Data Visualization projects with Dashboard Prompt capabilities. That works both with Subject Areas and Data Visualization Data Sources.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment the DV Project should not contain any active filter at the filter level (top part of the screen). If it does, the prompt doesn't work.

Lets do 2 examples. Subject Area based and Data Source Based.

Example 1:

Lets create a simple Data Visualization based on Subject Area:

In a dashboard I can add the project as any other OBI component:

Please note you can set size of the project within the Dashboard and select the Canvas you need, assuming you have more than one (Show View).

Next I can create a regular Dashboard Prompt. Please note we don't have to do anything. As long as the prompt based on the same Subject area as the Project it would work. In my case I created the Prompt "Offices"."D2 Department" column. Note the "Offices" don't participate in the Project.

Last thing I do is to place both on the same Dashboard page, and it just works:

Changing the selection in the Prompt, changes the filter in the Project and we can see different values in our data (and other expected changes, such as graph scales change):

Example 2

We can do the same with Data Set based Projects:

I'll use the Sample Project.

When creating the Dashboard Prompt I can see the Data Set data sources and not only Subject Areas, so I will use it:

Again, we can use both in a Dashboard, and it just works, with no additional effort.