Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Oracle Analytics Cloud 18.1.3 Patch is Available

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) 18.1.3 Patch is available. You can see the list of new features in the "What's New document" here.

To summarize:

A full feature Delivers for OAC similar to  OBIEE. This seems to be the final component that covers the full OBIEE functionality in OAC.Interesting that documentation describes this as OAC Enterprise and Data Lake edition option. I'm not sure what the Data Lake part can do with Delivers.
Better integration with Synopsis as one more mobile option. 
Some improvements in Service management.
For Essbase users we have direct Cube Designer install and MDX ability to run on Essbase server and have the metadata and data output results exported to saved structures on Essbase (alternative to client).

This is the list from Oracle Documentation:

Reports and Dashboards

Use agents to deliver content Create agents that deliver your analyses, dashboards, and briefing books to specific recipients and to subscribers. See Enabling Content Delivery Through Agents and Automating Business Processes Using Agents.
Set up devices and individual delivery profiles Configure one or more devices where you want alerts and content from Oracle Analytics Cloud to be delivered. Set up personal delivery profiles to suit your different needs. See Configuring Your Devices and Delivery Profile.
Manage your deliveries in one place You can manage all your deliveries from the Console, that is, email deliveries and deliveries generated by agents.
Synopsis mobile app Create and share instant analytics from data on your mobile devices. See What can I do with Oracle Analytics Cloud Synopsis?

 Service management

Configure a public storage container during service creation Share data visualizations through a public storage container. Specify the container you want to use when you set up your service. See Creating a Service.
Update the password for cloud storage
Update the credentials Oracle Analytics Cloud uses to access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic. See Managing Credentials.
Connect to EssNet over HTTP
Connect from any software using Essbase Real Time Client (RTC) over HTTP protocol without needing to open ports or perform other configuration or communication. See Connecting to EssNet over HTTP.
Update the database passwords for Essbase services
Use a script to update the database administrator password for an Essbase service. See Updating Essbase Database Credentials.


Install Cube Designer from the Scenarios page You can download the Cube Designer installer directly from the Scenarios page in addition to the traditional installation from within Smart View. See Installing the Smart View Cube Designer Extension in Using Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.
Export MDX query output to the service
You can run MDX queries and have their metadata and data output results exported to saved structures on Essbase. This is an alternative to viewing the query output on a client. For syntax used to export an MDX query, see MDX Export Specification in Technical Reference for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.