Monday, December 30, 2019

OAC and OBI Supported data sources

The OAC supported data sources are listed in Analytic Cloud documentation here:

The OBI data sources are in the certification page under "Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Certifications" (
The current release direct link is: (see Database page in the excel file).

Sunday, December 29, 2019

OBI and OAC - Repository Content available for viewing only

Customer had the following request (more or less): part of the RPD content should be available for viewing by all users, but creating new analysis and projects with that content should be done by  BI Administrators only. That content is usually specific columns of current tables.

I want the BI Administrators only to be able to create analysis with Office Keys, while BI Authors, should be able to create analysis but not on Office Keys. They should be able to view the analysis created by BI Administrators that includes Office Keys. 

I will create a new Subject Area at the Presentation Layer, create a new presentation table, where the relevant columns will be placed.

Those columns are part of the subject area at the BMM layer, so they have all the needed connections and joins from there.
I use the default permissions at the RPD.

Last step is at the Administration / manage privileges, at the web interface:

In my case, I need to set the "access within BI Answers" to the new subject area, to BI Administrators only (please be positive, grant the required access, using the deny option can cause problems).

Now BI Administrators can create analysis and projects with the new columns and all others can only view the results.

When BI Administrators creates an analysis now, they can use the keys:

Now when the BI Author attempts to Edit that analysis, it is prevented, but the data from the key column is available:

 The BI Author user can not see the new Subject Area.

Same is correct in Visualization Projects.