Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BITeamwork Webinar on 11-Dec-2014

BITeamwork is a plugin to OBIEE that is on my "to do" list for a long time. You will find lots of material about it in the artofbi blog. Somehow I didn't get to that yet.
It seems interesting, since OBIEE built in comments exist mainly for KPIs and BITeamwork promise to extend it to the entire OBIEE.
Now they have a webinar I intend to attend on 11-Dec-2014: Discover OBIEE Inline Cell Comments and API.


In order to leave a comment in OBIEE one needs to first consider why a user would enter a comment for their data in the first place. Which business user and from what department will be the most convinced that giving substance in descriptive terms to their data has benefit? We’ve discovered that finance users are the most pervasive users driving the need for adding commentary to dashboards and reports. Next on the list are sales and operations users.  It is the job of the OBIEE administrators to ensure that these users and users from other departments are aware of the ability to add commentary to an OBIEE report. Now that adding a comment directly within the same line as the data can be achieved, users from all departments have the ability to intuitively contribute to a culture of collaboration within their organization.  OBIEE report developers can add the inline commenting functionality to an individual report within minutes. A good OBIEE Administrator or OBIEE developer will rejoice that they can now tell their users that this functionality is available and it can be integrated into existing and new reports in a matter of minutes, not days. Users get to see their comments right next to the data without hovering over any fancy icons or clicking any buttons. Join this webinar to learn about inline cell commenting in OBIEE, the OBIEE commenting API, and how users can provide feedback for their data and key corporate metrics for all types of management and financial reporting.

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