Friday, October 30, 2015

OBIEE 12c - File locations and meanings

The file locations in OBIEE12c are very different from previous versions. I'll update this page when I find something I consider interesting.

First few naming conventions:

I installed OBIEE and Weblogic under d:\MWHOME12.

ORACLE_HOME would be the installation Directory. (In my case d:\MWHOME12\).

BI_DOMAIN, sometimes called DOMAIN_HOME is ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi (in my case it is  D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi).

 SDD (Singelton Data Directory) is DOMAIN_HOME/bidata (for one host installation). (In my case it is   D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata).

The catalog is located by default at  SDD/service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/catalog
(In my case it is D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata\service_instances\ssi\metadata\content\catalog).

The Repository is (sort of) in SDD/service_instances\ssi\metadata\datamodel\customizations (In my case it is D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata\service_instances\ssi\metadata\datamodel\customizations).

The entire handling of Repository and Catalog is different in 12c and is handled via BAR files. More about it later.

Configuration files are located under BI_DOMAIN/config/fmwconfig/biconfig
(In my case D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\config\fmwconfig\biconfig)
Each in it's folder. For example:
  • instaceconfig.xml is in BI_DOMAIN/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIPS  
  • NQSConfig.ini          in BI_DOMAIN/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIS

LOGS: Are in BI_DOMAIN/servers, each in his folder. For example sawlog.log is under BI_DOMAIN/servers/obips1/logs. All the logs are located in the same place, including Adminserver logs.

Not only the logs are here. You will found tmp, cache and other folders as well.

Most executable scripts are located in BI_DOMAIN/bitools/bin (D:\MWHOME12\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin, in my case).

The start and stop scripts are here and also the script that collects diagnostic for Oracle Support (diagnostic_dump.cmd  for Windows and for Linux).

WebLogic Scripting tool (wlst.cmd / is located in Oracle_Home/oracle_common/common/bin (D:\MWHOME12\oracle_common\common\bin in my case.)

Found this at Oracle support: OBIEE 12c: Quick Reference For Architecture, Lifecycle Management and File Locations (Doc ID 2067527.1)


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Oracle scatters files all over the place and finding the right ones is a real pain in the ass! :)

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  5. Hi,
    I have a question. Can I move only the catalog alone on a shared mount point so that I can access it from another stand alone OBIEE 12c installation.