Tuesday, October 25, 2016

OBIEE is available

The latest release of OBI, is available at oracle.com here.
It's available as usual for Windows, Linux, Solaris on Sparc, Solaris on x86, IBM AIX and HP UX Itanium.
The documentation is here
This is the get started link.

In the great blog of Oracle Underground BI & Dataviz (http://oracledataviz.blogspot.com), the post "Upgrade OBIEE in your SampleApp V607 to" gives us everything:

1. How to upgrade, the Oracle way (there is an alternative at RittmaMead here).
2. What is OK to delete at the old home, to save space (actually, I didn't try that yet).
3. How to configure 2 new features:
    a. Lightweight SSO that uses VA sign on
    b. .dva import/export.

Regarding the Lightweight SSO, a quick reminder to myself:
If I had the OBI installed at C:/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home, and the OBI is now at C:/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home12212.
wlst script is at C:\oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home12212\oracle_common\common\bin. Run wlst. There run the script to run is: enableBISingleSignOn('C:/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/bi','/bi-security-login/logout?redirect=/va').

After the restart, when I login this is the screen (The VA one):

If you are Arabic/Hebrew UI user, this has impact.

If not happy with the SSO the following disables it:


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  2. Hi ,

    i'm having issue with logout after SSO integration , logout action redirects back in to va.

    i have ran the wlst to


    also in em console , biinstance - security - logout url is updated with

    any ideas ?


    1. seems like it has omitted few lines..

      i have executed

      enableBISingleSignOn('C:/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/bi','logout url')