Thursday, September 10, 2020

Installing Windows OAS 5.5

The OAS - (Oracle Analytics Server) 5.5 for Windows, was released few days ago (see here) and I wanted to install it.

 Now the Windows users as well can benefit from better Augmented Analytics and Self Service Analytics.


The installation process is very similar to OAS on Linux, just translated to Windows.

 If you want the shorter guide for Linux, Francesco Tisiot did very nice job here or you can see the formal documentation here

As a result I'll do a very short description of what I did.

Unfortunately I didn't have the proper Windows Server at hand (See the Certification here) since it required: 

Microsoft Windows x642012, 2016, 2019SP 0+jdk 1.8.0_211+

I used the unsupported and not recommended Windows 10, I had.


Make sure you have 64bit jdk (Windows x64 jdk) of 1.8....

The safest option is to download from edelivery so you download the proper
"Oracle WebLogic Server 12c ( Generic Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Installer (1.5 GB)" and not 14 release or any other flavor of Weblogic (the weblogic 14 is the current default on weblogic page, you don't want that).

Next we have the regular steps:

-1. Unzip the 2 downloaded files.

 0. Open CMD window as Administrator (right click CMD for that).

 1. Install JDK (if needed).

 2. Install Weblogic (java.exe -jar fmw_12.

 3. Install the BI Server in the Weblogic Oracle Home (java.exe -jar oa_platform-

 4. Run rcu.bat from your new Oracle Home \oracle_common\bin (in my case D:\Oracle\MW\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\bin) 

 5. Run the config.cmd from your new Oracle Home \bi\bin (in my case D:\Oracle\MW\Oracle_Home\bi\bin)



Please note you don't have to run the RCU before configuration. During the configuration you are asked if you want to run the RCU or did it before. From my experience, it is better to split the process.

During the configuration I had a warning, as expected, due to Windows 10

It is advisable to split the location of the actual components used (Domain Home) and the Software (So when upgrading in year or two the Domain Home remains and the Software Home replaced).

We have to define the Domain Home location (you will have to manually create the Domain Home Directory):

 There also was a Visual C++ component installed (you don't see that on Linux)


then the configuration runs for some time and eventually starts the server and creates Oracle Business Intelligence [bi] service. In my case the starting of the process at the end took some time.

For a detailed process, please the Linux post by Francesco Tisiot here.

Unlike previous releases, the OAS 5.5 comes without RPD and subject areas.

If you prefer manual start, the start.cmd and stop.cmd are located  in the Domain Home \bitools\bin (in my case D:\Oracle\Config\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin). In the same place you will find the Admin Tool, preinstalled (admintool.cmd).

Unlike OBI 12, there is no need for separate R installation and things like Forecast, Outliers, Cluster... run out of the box.

and so is the rest of Machine Learning capabilities:

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