Sunday, October 21, 2012

OBIEE is available - in English

Please note, since OBIEE is available (see here) you should consider it instead of

Patch is available from Oracle support site ( 
The first part of the patch is Patch 14696072.
It can be installed on OBIEE,,, BP1 and

As usual, the real patch has 7+1 parts. The installation steps for the first 7 are similar. I recommend reading the first readme – patch 14696072 readme file. To be totally correct it’s not the first 7, but first 6 since patch number 7 contains only client tools (BI Administration, MapViewer…) and to the best of my knowledge are not relevant to non-Windows installations.

The Oracle Business Intelligence patchset comprises a number of patches:
Patch Abstract
14696072 Patch (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer
14733356 Patch (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions
14678543 Patch (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
14733390 Patch (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components
14733413 Patch (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer
14665284 Patch (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence
14733370 Patch (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer

Additionally there is the patch number 8, it is named JDeveloper Patch, but it is for OBIEE as well. It's the same patch you used if you installed BP1. So if you already installed it, I see no reason to do it again.
Patch 13952743JDeveloper patch -   - RUP3 MLR4.3  CUMULATIVE: BASED ON JDEVADF_11.
The installation steps are same as BP1 as we described here.
Please note, that readme tell you to do the following backups:
  • The ORACLE_HOME\bifoundation\server directory
  • The ORACLE_INSTANCE\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication_obis1\repository
  • The ORACLE_BI_HOME\bifoundation\jee\mapviewer.ear\web.war\WEB_INF\conf\mapViewerConfig.xml, if you have modified it. This last bullet is relevant to those who configured the OBIEE Maps (described, in Hebrew here).
I'm not aware of any new features in Only bug fixes.

Please note the following from readme. This is relevant for you if you customized OBIEE interface:

Section 6.1: Copying BIChart.swf to Custom Directories

The Oracle white paper "Customizing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g" describes how to customize Oracle BI Presentation Services by storing custom skins, styles, and messages in a custom directory.
If the BI System has been customized as described in the white paper and custom skins are stored in one or more custom directories, then follow these additional instructions to complete the patchset installation:
  1. Copy the BIChart.swf file from the ORACLE_BI_HOME\bifoundation\web\app\res\sk_blafp\dvt directory to each custom directory in the BI System, replacing the existing file of that name.
    For example, on Windows, you might copy the BIChart.swf into the following custom directory:
  2. Stop and restart the Oracle BI Presentation Services system component as follows:
    1. Stop Presentation Services, by entering the following at the command prompt:
      opmnctl stopproc ias-component=coreapplication_obips1
    2. Restart Presentation Services, by entering the following at the command prompt:
      opmnctl startproc ias-component=coreapplication_obips1
  3. Clear the browser cache.

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