Monday, April 7, 2014

Unable to Sign In with weblogic after upgrade

This post describes what to do when you can't log with weblogic user after patch installation. It's mostly a reminder to myself.
Weblogic user name is only a common example here.

I have an OBIEE system where I modified weblogic user logging level in the RPD.
After a bundle patch installation I tried to log on with weblogic user to OBIEE and see:
"Unable to Sign In
An invalid User Name or Password was entered"

I know the user is valid and it logs on well to EM and Console.

This is because the weblogic user in the RPD and the actual user lost their GUID synchronization. So I have to delete the weblogic user in the RPD and set it's log level again.

Backup the RPD file.

Open On Line Administration Software (offline is OK mostly as well).
Go to Manage / Identity.

If you can't see weblogic user on the right,
Select Action / Set Online User Filter
Write * for all or weblogic (for weblogic).

See the weblogic user (on the right) and delete it. It doesn't do any harm, since OBIEE 11 does not manager users in the RPD.
Save and check the Sign in.

We might want to set the logging level to the user again.

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