Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OBIEE 12c and VA - Playing with "BI Ask" (using the Home search to create reports in Visual Analyzer / Data Visualization)

During last few years, at Oracle Open World, an option named "BI Ask" was mentioned few times. I wanted to check it out now with OBIEE 12c. It should be part of the new BI component named Data Visualization, or some times Visual Analyzer. It's URL is http://myserver:9502/va/. I will call it VA and solve the name formalities problem.

In OBIEE Administration screen I Configured BI Search crawl:

I indexed Data Model (and Catalog). In my case I selected Index and not "Index Metadata Only", this option might take some time in real production environments (see user's guide appendix D for more details).

 Checked, the Monitor Crawls window to see the Success status

And I opened VA, directly using http://myserver:9502/va/. 

Another option to get to that screen is by selecting "go to the new Home Screen" from the (old) Home screen:

If you select  New / Visual Analyzer Project from OBIEE 12c, you will get into a new project window of VA with slightly different URL http://myserver:9502/va/project.jsp#.

In this case I want the first 2 options.
I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but by first time entering VA requires login again.

I will use this line to create a report just by typing names and values. From what I understand, the same on mobile can be done by talking to the phone/tablet.

The next screens will show what I typed and selected as well as the outcome:

Typed "Rev" and selected Revenue from Sample Sales Base Facts:


 Typed 2009 and selected Year Value:

The result:

Typed "Mon" and selected "Billed Month":

Typed "Comp" and selected Offices.Company (note graph options that appeared on the right part of screen):
I don't want all 3 companies so:

Any time I can change Visualization Type:

Zoom in:

Here is a Tree Map

And This is a Tag Cloud

Any Time I can continue working with all the features of VA:

More about VA, some other time. 


  1. when I am configuring crawls the time is in (GMT+05:30) Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi so the scheduling time comes +5:30 and then i index the data model i need but when i am monitoring crawl , it is not scheduled at the time i expect and after running everything fails with Total Number of Rows Indexed: 0

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