Sunday, July 13, 2014

Oracle Webcast "Oracle Big Data Breakthrough:Connect All Your Data with SQL" 15-Jul-2014

Oracle is planning an interesting (for me) webcast on 15-Jul-2014: Oracle Big Data Breakthrough:Connect All Your Data with SQL. The link with additional info and time is here. I always enjoy hearing  Andy Mendelsohn.

Announcing Your All-Access Pass to Big Data

What if a single Big Data breakthrough could enable you to:
  • Reuse the skills you already have to access all your Hadoop data?
  • Leverage existing applications to query Hadoop?
  • Keep new data as secure as your existing enterprise data?
Join us on July 15 to learn how Oracle is breaking down barriers to deliver business value from Big Data, faster.

Oracle Executive Vice President Andrew Mendelsohn will unveil Oracle’s revolutionary new solution for seamlessly integrating Hadoop, NoSQL and Oracle Database.

Oracle’s complete Big Data solution will enable you to:
  • Discover and predict faster
  • Simplify access to your data
  • Govern and secure all data

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