Wednesday, June 3, 2015

OBIEE New features - Interface, part 2

I covered some new features in part 1. Here I will cover few more. Some of the features covered here are available since and but are new for many OBIEE users.

There is a new feature in Prompts: Ability to arrange check boxes and radio buttons layout Horizontally as well.

The most interesting Prompt feature is not defined in Prompts but rather at the Dashboard definition page level. It's the ability not to run the dashboard, before prompt is applied.

The definition is hidden under Edit Dashboard / Dashboard Properties:
When such page is marked, the first time you open it, you will see:

The normal behavior will resume after selecting prompt values and pressing the Continue. this happens only the first time. For additional details see the Users Guide.
To remove this option from OBIEE see the Admin Guide 

Once you are in editing dashboard, you might see the Advanced Page properties option that set the scope of parameters in cases of Go URL, Prompted URL and Navigate to BI content:

In Graphs, when selecting Stacked Vertical Bar or Stacked Horizontal Bar, and setting the data labels to "always", we have centralized aligned data labels.
In Tables, Pivot and similar you can see Column properties from the edit window as well.

in the same place we can also create New calculated Measure.

Analysis Advanced Tab, there is a new options here:DIMENSIONALITY:

Dimensionality: (from the Users Guide) Show Total value for all measures on unrelated dimensions.  Select this check box to include the ENABLE_DIMENSIONALITY variable at the beginning of the
Setting ENABLE_DIMENSIONALITY may allow cross subject area queries to
return non-null results for certain measure columns that would otherwise return
null values when ENABLE_DIMENSIONALITY is not set. The measure columns
may also contain duplicated values when ENABLE_DIMENISONALITY is set.
Personal note: Shiran, it was made for you.

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