Wednesday, July 22, 2015

OBIEE and without flash in HTML5 and PNG formats

At the moment using Flash Player is sometimes considered vulnerability. Some browser temporary disable it or threaten to do it, until the solution is found. I'll talk about Using OBIEE and without Flash. 

For Andrew ( did a great job covering it in his post OBIEE: HTML5 charts instead of flash charts. He suggests to add the line <DefaultWebImageType>HTML5</DefaultWebImageType>  under views -> Charts in instanceconfig.xml. (See few more steps of service restarting and browser issue in his blog).
This option was described in new features here.

All possible options of DefaulWebImageType are:
  • flash - In a browser that does not support the flash format, the image does not render. You should use the html5 value instead.
  • png (W3C Portable Network Graphics)
  • svg (W3C Scalable Vector Graphics) The svg value is not supported in this release, so flash is used if svg is specified.
  • html5 - In a browser that does not support the html5 format, the image renders in the flash format instead.
 Flash, png, and html5 images provide the greatest degree of interaction because they support mouse-over behaviors (such as popup data labels), navigation, and drilling. 

The only new feature in the is the html5 option. 
For we can use the png option with almost no problems. The png option supports drilling on graphs and most of the critical functionality, but can't do sliders.

In the example the Years column is at the Section level in the graph. I can mark the slider.

In HTML5 format it looks fine:
In if we don't want the default flash, we are limited to png format that doesn't support sliders:


If you are testing it, don't do the tests on the default Sample Sales dashboards.


  1. We are on OBIEE and updated the DefaulWebImageType to png but it is not supporting mouse-over behaviors (such as popup data labels), navigation, and drilling. Is there a way to make this work?

    1. Hi, we are also on the same version as yours. Tried png and the drill downs are not working. Please let me know if you are able to resolve this issue.

  2. Has anyone found a solution to 'Copy Link Requires Adobe Flash Player' when opening an Answer from the Catalog?