Thursday, January 21, 2016

OBIEE 12.2.1 controlling VA - data visualization

With the release of OBIEE 12.2.1, we have a new component named Data Visualization (or Visual Analyzer - that what the VA in URL stands for). I will call it VA in this post.  Naturally we want to control who can use it, or disable it. Yet, the control is not at the expected place (Administration/Manage Privileges). By default it is assigned to BI Author Application role and is controlled by the Application policy

If all you want is to enable / disable it, there is a script and guidelines at, by Amarpreet Nagra: How to Revoke/Grant Data Visualizations Permissions using WLST

Since that is covered, there is one more question: How to change the access to VA. In this post I will describe how to allow access to VA by BI Composer Role users. I'm not sure it's a good idea since VA is very much equivalent to BI Author.

Update: To control the VA I advise to follow the guidelines at Oracle support document 2102444.1: How To Remove Or Add Specific OBIEE 12c Data Visualization | Visual Analyzer Permissions and not the described bellow.


In Enterprise Manager, under biinstance / security we see the Application Policies and Roles (the same is available under WeblogicDomain - security).

In the list of policies, under BIContentAuthor we see the policy.

Our task is to add that policy to BIConsumer Role. 
I Edit that role.
Press the plus sign of Add Permission.


Search in the third Permission Class ( for relevant Resource name, in the bellow example Resource Name that includes the string visual.

I select the policy and press continue. In the next screen I mark all and press select.

Option 2

Absolutely equivalent is to search for Resource Type


After I OK the change in Application Role. This is updated.
I had to restart the server for the change to work.

Accessing the VA with unprivileged users returns rather ugly Error 401- Unauthorized:
 After the change I could connect with BIConsumer user.

As BIConsumer Role I can open existing VA projects.
If I try to create a new one, I can't see the subject areas but capable of uploading new files as data source.  


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