Saturday, June 28, 2014

ODI 12.1.3 is available and it's great for Big Data

Oracle has released a new version of ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), version 12.1.3. 

You can download it here.
See the documentation here.
Read the new features here or in the paper here.
Download a free Virtual Machine of this release here.

ODI 12 is very powerful ETL (though they prefer to call it EL-T) tool that replaces both ODI 11g and OWB. I find the new 12c user interfaces much easier, and ODI was always a powerful tool. (An ODI 12c getting started paper is here, General ODI page is here and self training is here).

For ODI developers you will see important new features such as:
  • Hadoop SQOOP Integration - Apache Sqoop is used for loading data from relational databases to HDFS, Hive, and HBase and fFrom HDFS and Hive to relational databases. Sqoop enables load and unload mechanisms using parallel JDBC connections in Hadoop Map Reduce processes.
  • Hadoop HBase Integration - For HBase Integration ODI has:
    • LKM HBase to Hive (HBase-SerDe)
    • IKM Hive to HBase Incremental Update (HBase-SerDe)
    • RKM HBase
  •  Hive Append Optimization - Hive was supported in previous releases (see bellow), the new features enables Hive append, it makes a real append to existing files instead of creating new appended files.

ODI 12 had great Big Data features in previous release, as you might have seen at Rittman Mead blog:

Now it's even better.

Here is a post about "Importing Data from SQL databases into Hadoop with Sqoop and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)" (using the new 12.1.3 features).  By the way, it is a great blog for ODI related materials (here) and Golden Gate as well (here).

Finally, here is big Data in a picture (always wondered when I could use this geeky stuff).

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