Sunday, November 10, 2019

OAC - Clearing server cache

The support note (OAC -Oracle Managed - How To Perform Clear Cache of OAC Instance (Doc ID 2436095.1)) explains how to clear cache in OAC. There is a little unclear point in the note so I will add an example.

There are 2 options in the note.The main solution in the note is to use ODBC procedures that can be used to purge all cache.

  We should go to OAC Analytics Console -> Issue SQL and use any one of the below based on the requirements.

  • SAPurgeCacheByQuery
  • SAPurgeCacheByTable
  • SAPurgeCacheByDatabase
  • SAPurgeAllCache
  • SAPurgeCacheBySubjectArea
  • SAPurgeCacheEntryByIDVector

 In the SQL window we don't run the command as is. Some more information can be found in Oracle On-Prem. docs, or blogs such as this one.

Two quick examples:

 SAPurgeAllCache - Purges all cache on BI Server. For example:

Call SAPurgeAllCache ()

SAPurgeCacheByTable - Purges cache of specific table. 
 Call SAPurgeCacheByTable( 'DBName', 'CatName', 'SchName', 'TabName' );
DBName and TabName cannot be null. from my experience, SchName should not be null as well.

For Example:

For the following definition in the RPD:


We can use:
call SAPurgeCacheByTable('ADW',,'SEM_A', 'DIM_COUNTRY');

Where we have the following response values of Result_Code:

1         - SAPurgeCache returns successfully.
59115 - Operation not performed because caching is not enabled.
59116 - The database specified does not exist.
59117 - The table specified does not exist.


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